Clock Hour Reassignment Information

Questions about clock hour training may be answered by visiting the Office of Childhood website:

Clock hour and reassignment information can be reviewed in
5 CSR 25-500.102 (licensed group child care homes and child care centers) and
5 CSR 25-400.105 (licensed family child care homes)

Clock hour reassignment forms are processed by OPEN Initiative on behalf of the Office of Childhood.

As of May 2, 2022, clock hour reassignments can be processed electronically within an individual's Toolbox account!

Please keep in mind, submitting a clock hour reassignment is like submitting your taxes. There is no un-do! Once you click the submit button or submit the paper form, you cannot change your mind.

*Please note that all documents on the OPEN web site are .pdf documents and require the use of Adobe Reader to open the document. Adobe Reader is a free download available here.

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