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Proud Partners with Missouri Accreditation!

OPEN is pleased to announce that Missouri Accreditation is now utilizing the MOPD Toolbox Program Clock Hour Training Report as part of the verification process for programs desiring to become or remain accredited.  OPEN is committed to supporting the recognition of high-quality programs, and is delighted that we can support Missouri Accreditation in this effort.  For specific information about the accreditation process, please contact Missouri Accreditation at (573) 256-1288.

MOPD ID management and YOU!

Is your MOPD ID information correct? If not, you could be missing important information on your training record! It is ultimately your responsibility to manage your MOPD ID information. That means looking up your MOPD ID on the Toolbox to make sure that OPEN has the correct spelling of your first and last name, that you are reporting name changes to OPEN, and that your date of birth and last 5 SSN are correct (especially if the MOPD ID was created by someone other than you).

Trainers, Program Directors, OPEN staff and DHSS-SCCR staff are NOT responsible for making sure that you are managing your MOPD ID information and are providing an accurate MOPD ID at the time of training for attendance record keeping. If you believe that your training report is not reflective of all trainings that you have attended, please contact OPEN so that we can verify your MOPD ID information and see if there is any training data that may be connected to incorrect MOPD ID information.

Face-To-Face Training Opportunity

OPEN offers on-site training and technical assistance for any staff wanting to learn how to navigate the MOPD system. If you are interested in having an OPEN staff member come to your program, please contact us at 573-884-3373.


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